Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Blog and Update

Hey guys,
Results day was last Thursday and I have missed my Medicine Offer. I got AABB instead of AAAA. I was going to go into Pharmacology and then GEM but after some thinking I have to decided to resit and reapply next year. This means I get to to have a gap year which is supposed to have an amazing thing :P

I have made a new blog for this new journey. Its called 'Things Happen For a Reason', so if you want to know how my application, gap year and life in general goes then just read about it there.

Thanks to everyone who has been always reading, commenting... on the blog!

See you in my new blog,

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Au revoir

I started this blog over a year ago, when I was working on my AS Levels and thinking about all my UCAS details for Medical School. I started it as an anonymous blog and always tried to be positive and confident about everything in life. However,I am not like that any more. I don't feel that optimistic so I have decided to put an end to this blog, but I will continue on twitter (@behrouzn) until I also decide to quit that. 

It has been very useful for me as I have always been able to vent and use it as a window to the outside world so it was easy to disconnect. It now reflects my way through two years of A Levels  and Medical School application and I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has help me throughout. 

Now, A Levels are over and I need to wait until results day. I am very very very scared of that day even though I am quiet sure what the results are going to be like. If I get in I will make a new blog and I will publish the link here, if I don't make the grades then I will take a break from this Internet world and think about what I should do with my life. 

For  now I don't even want to think about results, so lets just have an amazing summer! 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

'Now it's time to look back and realise what you have lost along the way'

On Friday, I graduated from high school. I have been with the same people for the last nine years and now it's all coming to end. The graduation ceremony was a goodbye from my side but people seem to want things to continue, into a something called, forever. I don't think our friendships can be forever, maybe only with a few of them, especially as we all have different goals in life, we all want to do different things, live in different places and it will be very hard to continue being just how we are now. 

Since I started nine years ago, I have been through all kind of experiences; drama, laughter, stress and many other memories that will always be there. However, I have always said that I was not going to keep much contact with all of them once school was over but now that is very hard. I wanted to end it now as we had a great time together all of us during the graduation dinner but it's very difficult thinking of excuses not to go to things that I've been invited and I feel like I choose not to have friends. 

That really makes me feel like I am very selfish and ungrateful but if I think about it that is actually how I feel right now. There are some people who I just don't want to be friends with, they will always be my acquaintance and I will always be there if they need me but I don't want to have to meet up with them every week or so...

I have always been very independent friends wise and I always say that you are always alone than with bad company but now I am just confused about what I am doing. It could either be a mistake or the right decision!

Good thing is, last exam tomorrow! 

I hope you are having a nice summer,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

'We are cool kids and cool kids never die'.

I have already done three exams and I have ten more to do. These three exams were supposed to be the easiest one of all and I had to try and get the best grade I could so that I could be more relaxed for the rest of the exams. However, both the physics and the chemistry exams were really hard and even though I am revising a lot lately because I really want to go to medical school next year I found them really hard and so now I have to do very well in my other exams.

It's easier said that done, to be honest and I know I am being dramatic about this and I should stop complaining so this is what I'm doing. I never decided to have a blog just to rant about my life, so I am going for a jog and then  I'm watching tv for some time and then I will get back to revision.

Now we should go with the happy things! Nothing fun this time because I don't do much except  for revision. However, this weekend I have some plans. They are not big things but it does involve going out for dinner, wearing a suit, meeting new people and hopefully having some fun so I am actually looking forward to that. Also, my dad said yesterday that if I don't go to study in the UK and I stay here then he will get me a car, but I told him that I want to go abroad so he said that I need to choose another present. It has to be something big because its for my 18th birthday, getting my driving license and graduating so I think I want a Mac but I'm still looking into other things that I can get. Then hopefully, if (or when, to sound more positive) I get the grades for medical school I should ask my parents for another present, and this will just be money since I have nothing saved up! I am looking for summer jobs, for now I have two Spanish kids that want to learn English so I will be tutoring them as I have done for the past two summers and then I also wanted to work at a store but I have not found anything yet. In terms of travelling, I think I will stay here and enjoy the sunny weather, something that I sure I will miss once I've moved to the UK:

Lately I have been  very busy with revision so I don't have much time to write new posts. If you want more frequent updates, then just follow me on twitter @behrouzn.

Thanks for reading, hope all your exams (and your life in general) are going well,

Thursday, 2 June 2011

'Hey! I don't need to tan, mine is natural!'

June has now arrived and in about 25 days my exams will be over. The 24th is my graduation so I need to start getting my speech ready ;P
Last night I was out with some friends and it was a change from all the revision. Exams start again in Monday so I shall get revising, not much time today so this is just a short post!
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Good luck With exams,

Friday, 27 May 2011

'Are you looking at me confused, just because I like medical anthropology?'

Exams have now started and I am trying my best to revise at all times, but I do get too stressed sometimes to the extent that I can't even revise. Normally, when I am very stressed I get ready, put my flip flips on, my sunglasses on, earphones in, music on.. and then just walk around the beach. Sometimes I go out overdressed, because I really like to be overdressed xD so I will be walking in the middle of the beach with trousers and a shirt and people around me would be sunbathing and so they seem confused with my choice of clothing for the occasion.

However, I frequently get confused looks while I am walking around. I get them from people that know me and from strangers and my theory is that people that know me get confused just because I am interest in 'not very well know' things ie medical anthropology, graphic design... and with strangers I think it is because my fashion is not very Spanish-like so they find it weird for me to dress they way I do.

At the beginning, I always got really annoyed when my friends just didn't understand why I was so interested in graphic design, for example, because they just don't know what the point of graphic design is and they seem to never understand that while some people like painting, I do a similar thing but on a computer and using a piece of software. As I have said, medical anthropology also causes struggles between the people around me and they always tell me that if I like medical anthropology that much then I should go and study it at uni instead of reading medicine.

About this I have two points to make:
1.In the UK not many universities offer a programme of only Medical Anthropology, I believe it is only UCL and Durham that have a course that fits into this branch of Anthropology.
2. What I am interested is in the connection between medicine and medical anthropology. I am really interested in international health, in epidemiology, the work the WHO does etc. but does that not mean that I would not like to work as a doctor in a hospital. I believe both have many things in common and so they can both be done.

Okay, so aside from that unexpected rant my driving skills seem to have improve a bit even though yesterday I crashed slightly against a wall and the car got a big scratch, I was going really slowly so it was not anything major.

I have a chemistry tutor, simply because my chemistry teacher in school is useless and always he does is tell me that there is no point in me even revising chemistry because I will never get the A grade I need. Thanks for that :D

All I have been doing lately has been revision, watching tv, (loved to Birmingham and the Bullring in the Apprentice!!) and walking, a lot of walking.

I don't have any other exams until the 6th June and my graduation rehearsal is next Wednesday, does this mean that I need to start getting the speech ready?! It's so sad that I am leaving my school this summer and I am not coming back after more than 5 years. I think I will really miss all my colleagues and teachers and just the atmosphere in general, but it is something that everyone goes through so I will be okay.

I still have a lack of summer plans (any suggestions?). I have applied for some jobs but they never got back to me but I am sure I will be tutoring English which is something, at least.

Also, last weekend we had elections and I voted for the first time :D

I thinking that is all for now, this could be my longest post ever!

Hope exams are going well,

Monday, 23 May 2011

'I can see the Spanish flag from my window', exclaimed the naive boy

Many things have gone on in my life since my last post, yes, especially a lot of revision and stressful times. Now that I have my driving license (apparently I am going to write that I have a driving license in every post from now on!) I have been driving around to get more practice and hopefully become the best driver ever.

Also, in this time I've noticed that I have some kind of problem which is that I just cannot focused on something when I am thinking about something stupid and insignificant that I should not worry about but I do ! I am sure that sounds confusing but I can't explain it any better.

My first exam is on Wednesday, which is terrifying because it's not only the last set of exams I am going to have before university, it also the last month I am going to be with the people that have been in my year for ages and also it means that this are the most important ever because they have the last say about me going to medical school or not next year.

I am not very confident, yet. I guess I will be more near the time and so you must be thinking about why am I writing soo much today instead of being revising well this is more because I can't really be bothered. However, it has to be done. Today I am going all of Biology Practical topics for exam on Wednesday and then I will go over some Chemistry, Maths and more Biology.

Can you feel the exam stress? Well, I  can!

If you want more updates from me, 24/7 and even more to the point you will get more than bored of me you can follow me on  twitter @behrouzn

Thanks for reading,